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Warwick Build Guide by arcticdean

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League of Legends Build Guide Author arcticdean

WW Test

arcticdean Last updated on November 25, 2012
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Warwick Build


So why not get the 'Q' first? . . . This build relies on lifesteal. Stay alive and hidden in the jungle... FARM...FARM...FARM. Get to LvL 6 fast. It's needed to be an effective Ganker. Watch the map while running the pattern. Only break it if a turret is going down or you see an easy kill. As long as you stay in the jungle and unseen.... The other team will think You're AFK. You're team can even play into it "/ALL Our WW is AFK" This build is very week in large team fights, so don't go rushing into groups... Encourage top and bottom to both periodically ward their rivers. This gives huge visibility for the whole team and spreads out the ward $$$ burden. Once to LvL 6, start picking on the loners and weak ones. Check the map every few seconds like a rear-view-mirror and know where the groups. If they have a jungler... Watch for him showing up. Know the safe areas... While ganking, place wards in jungles. Now stay out of the lanes! Don't give yourself away unless you're making a kill or saving a teammate. And away from enemy pairs and triples. You're the lone wolf... And need surprise... visibility and to be able to kill the enemy before the next meal shows up. Snack on them one at a time.

-Watch the map well. Don't chase into groups
-Use the TAB frequently to see who's dead... Know the odds by hero-counting. (Like card-counting in Vegas)
-Use TAB frequently to see

Optional items:
If they're warding... Buy an elixir. Destroy their wards. Stay stealth and run to safety after stopping one if their locations are unknown... You've just been seen and targeted.

-Can demolish any lone enemy if they don't expect it and don't have a great escape.
-Scare factor. Make them hate the jungle.
-Can run down anyone low on health.... (But don't chase into danger)
-Ult can stop a hero's escape or freeze under a turret.