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April 19, 2013 9:52am
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Hey i've recently made a Fizz jungle guide and im looking for banners to go at the top of the induction page, as a divider between the main items/champ/runes etc and the gameplay section to make it easier to read, aswel as one for the summary at the bottom.

I only want something fizz related with so sort of design with my name in the bottom corner (either side) wrote in lilac (unless its hard to read then use your best judgment)

unfortuantly i cant pay atm due to being low on cash (unemployed ftw :P) but i can put in links to your mobofire page as well as links to any desgin webiste/divant art etc that your part of as a thank you.

Pm me if your interested,

Thanks for reading :)

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Hi. You are new here i guess, so wellecome!
I will PM you to make a deal about it.
Your new friend, virusNG-
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Better late than never.
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If you have some questions or wishes feel free to PM me.
I'm here just for YOU!
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