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EU League of Legends Syndra Art Contest (Euw/Eune)

Creator: SeekerTSF5 April 6, 2017 9:44am
SeekerTSF5's Forum Avatar
Apr 6th, 2017
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Hello League of Legends players in the Mobafire community

3 years old Free Skin Contest series in the EU English boards/forums is having a massive Art contest. To participate, please post your entries in this thread:

Contest Task:
    Make a new Syndra splash art. You have to make a new skin.

Contest Rules:
    Theme is up to you!
    The Syndra splash art has to be made digitally.
    The splash art has to be in A3 paper size (297 x 420 mm ).
    The splash art has to be in portrait position.
    A successful entry must have Syndra and a background.
    No mature content.
    This contest lasts 6 weeks.
    The splash art has to be made for this contest.
    Winners will be chosen by an anonymous group.
    You shouldn't have had any ingame ban within the last 3 months.
    You shouldn't have any active chat restrictions at any time of the contest.
    You shouldn't have had a Boards ban within the last month.

    First place: 15K RP.
    2nd to 6th place: Mystery chest (mystery chest grants random skin of 975RP+).

Contest lasts 6 weeks and ends: 07.05.2017 6 am GMT+2

Thank you for participating!


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