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Lala Sama's ye olde Graphique shope

Creator: LalaSama December 17, 2013 8:39am
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Nov 29th, 2013
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Lala Sama's ye olde Graphique shope!

Pink and fluffy graphics not mandatory...

Hello everyone and welcome to my little art corner!
I'm here to try and supply MobaFire with some new graphics for whoever needs them.
I can make signatures, stamps, banners, you name it I'll try it.

Examples of my work

WIP, but here's a few things you can look at while I'm working on properly setting this section up:

Explanation of my service

I do all my work for free and only make graphics for fun.
I am not a professional and I have never had any sort of schooling or coursework in graphics so don't expect them to be top notch.
If you like my work feel free to +Rep me, but all I ask for is a nice thank you in this thread and credits for my work in your sig/guide/wherever the graphic is made for.

A little form

If you're not sure on what you want and how to request it, this is the general outline of what I need to know from you for it to be understandable.
You don't need to fill it out exactly as I wrote it down below, but keep close to those big lines, thanks!

What graphic do you want? (Banner, signature, stamp, etc.)

What size do you want it to be?

What image do you want me to use?

(If you cannot provide an image yourself you can fill this in with "any image of Shyvanna" for example)

What is the text you want on it?

Do you have a particular font/color in mind?
(If you do I would prefer a link to Dafont, if you don't just tell me something like "a curly font" or "a pixel font" and I'll find someting for you.)

Anything special you want to add?
(Think of things like pink sparkles or red dots or snowflakes or a smoke effect etc.)


Keep in mind that, as I said above, I am not a profesional.
I will TRY to complete your order but I cannot guarantee you that I can always make that which you request.
I have a life to even thought I don't have a job/school at this very moment but I do have a puppy to tend to so don't feel offended if I message you and tell you that I cannot complete your request.
This is only so you can request from someone else who WILL be able to reply to you in a timely manner.

Keep an eye out for my soon to be published guides ;)

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