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My gallery of sigs!

Creator: TheRedPenguin
April 16, 2012 1:22pm
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Well,I've been doing signatures for 3 years now sadly taking months pause so it actually counts as 1 year :P
But here's my first sig:

I got alot more old sigs in my photobucket but I'll just show the recent ones from deviantart.

But I've been getting better after some years so heres one from last year,a tagwall:
(Made it clickable since its pretty big!)

The only tagwall I ever made but the one showing the most progress of my skill in just a month.
I was pretty productive that time :D

But of course,my favourite is my "Arrogance" Sig eventhough its pretty old.

So I will try to get really active at making sigs again to improve like I did in august 2011!
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