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[Redone, hopefully polite Request] Guide banners

Creator: SEALynx December 9, 2013 7:12pm
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Oct 29th, 2013
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Alright, hope this impresses the rep gods.

Will really appreciate an artist to help me create banners for my guide, and if you can, a custom sig which can link to my incoming guide(this is after the guide has been released)

If possible, (cause the banners should all look the same except for the words in them) I would really appreciate help for this request, and I'm looking for someone without a lot of requests from their sig shop, cause I know that they probably don't have the time for this.
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Nov 29th, 2013
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Could you give me a small summary and maybe an example of what you want?
This would help me a lot to know if I am capable of helping you in a timely manner.

Keep an eye out for my soon to be published guides ;)
-NA- Veng Lmfao
<Altruistic Artist>
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Jul 21st, 2012
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Use this template Seal:

Link to desired image: <Insert Aether Wing Kayle Here>
Text: A guide to AP Kayle (Main text) by SEALynx (sub text)
Size: 800x350
Border: Transparent // 3 px double line // whatever you like
Anything extra: Lots of sparkles // splatters of paint // glossy text // whatever you like

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