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REQUEST: Ranked Season Icon Set

Creator: Lord Imrhial April 20, 2015 1:42pm
Lord Imrhial
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Sep 17th, 2011
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Hello! I am not a very good photoshop person and was wondering if anyone would be able to follow up on an old post where someone helped create me ranked elo badges for seasons 1 through 3. The reason I am in need of more help, is that their PSD is hard to modify since it only has bits and pieces within it.

What I am looking for is either built out icons for seasons 1 through 5(yes, just planning for the future), using the season 1 and 2 design style (just roman numerals on the badge, unlike season 3's blue re-design)

If someone could either build me those badges, or build up a PSD where I all have to do is flip on the bronze-challenger layer and change the numeral, I (and I am sure many others) would be greatly thankful! :)

Here is my old post, I just want the design style of season 1 and 2 though for seasons 1 through 5.

P.S. If you are feeling creative and can think of another cool way to represent the season numbers or design, yet still making it obviously understandable to users as to what rank they were, feel free to do that! I am just in need of a way to make small ranked icon badges for each season, while allowing for easy updates as the seasons progress.

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