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Signature request!

Creator: Martijoha June 6, 2011 6:36am
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May 10th, 2011
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Hello evyrone! i'm not very new to mobafire but i made my account not to long ago either. i have created one guide so far and i still want to continue with making guides! Now i really want a cool signature so i was thinking "maby i can get some help from real good people" and i hope someone want to help me, cause i suck so badly in photoshop it should not be allowed. If you want send, me a PM and ask me for a picture you can use but you can find your own idea and picture to use, But try to stay in for theese things ; Maby a Teemo since he is my main. Some shadows and maby some cool light effects, and My name on it. Either Martijoha (wich is my account name here) or Duffeldvergen (wich is my LoL account name) Thank you so much for help :)

When you are finished please send me a PM with the link to the picture, or the picture it self. Thanks!

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