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Specs for banners

Creator: Huzarensalade December 11, 2018 12:51am
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Sep 26th, 2018
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Dear reader

I just made my first guide and i want to tidy it up with self made banners wich i saw a lot in other guides. I just have 1 question. Can someone point out the specs i need for the banner? I am aiming for specs like resolution (like 1920 1080) and the width is the most important thing. Could someone help me out?

btw. i am going to use because i currently can't afford any expensive softwares.

Thanks a lot

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Mar 6th, 2018
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Hey Huzarensalade!

It depends what kind of banner you want to use: if you want to use the header image function that is in the builder the size you should aim for is 762x125px as it's specified; if you want to use in-chapter banners the only limit you have is on the width (max 800px). The size I would suggest you is 800px for the width and something between 100 and 150px for the height.

Credits to Jovy!
Jovy's Forum Avatar
Nov 18th, 2011
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Chomuro is right, though I personally use 800x120 (or 100 or 150) for chapter banners and 800x300 for big banners; anyhow I just wanted to add that you can download Photoscape which is a free! photo editing software that can do everything you need for banners; tweak the image slightly (contrast, brightness, fade, vignette, colour intensity... just don't go overboard!), add text and resize and crop images.

Here's a couple of photoscape-only banners I did to show someone how to do them, so you can see approximately what the program can do. They're simpler than what you can do in photoshop of course, but not super limited otherwise. Brand 1 and Brand 2

thank you jhoijhoi for the signature <3

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