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A Yorick idea

Creator: Th3Gu35T June 28, 2011 1:09pm
Th3Gu35T's Forum Avatar
Jun 28th, 2011
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sorry if this idea was already brought up. hadn't seen it in the build guides so it's either not been thought of or just doesn't work, idk lol.

my idea makes him more of an explosive carry. so he does more dmg when his minions out, and their dmg is based on your AD. so i was thinking why not make a build with primarily AD and CDR items, with AS to supplement these? i've only been playing for about a month so i'm not sure which items have the best synergy with others, but these are the items i came up with to accomplish this goal, and not necessarily in this order, mind you:

Manamune - nuff said
Ionian Boots of Lucidity - good early CDR
Nashor's Tooth - good AS+, good AP+ to aid ur madred and great CDR
Infinity Edge - a good boost for u and ur minions
Frozen Mallet - to help ur focus
Madred's Bloodrazor - for the little extra dmg

i'm sure this isn't the best way to get this idea to work, but as i said i follow build, not make them (but you gotta start somewhere). any thoughts would be appreciated. i should also mention i haven't even played him yet, but i keep hearing people say he sucks. i refuse to believe that.
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May 18th, 2010
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ap is worthless on yorick, the nashors is iffy.

yorics ghouls don't crit, so a bloodthirster would be better than an ie imo.

i also dont like the madreds on yorick
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Jun 6th, 2010
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Doesn't seem like a good build. He needs to be tankier. Atma+Warmog/Frozen Mallet is pretty core on him imo.
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Th3Gu35T's Forum Avatar
Jun 28th, 2011
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i agree on Nashor, but it has good AD and great AS. something else could easily go there though.

as for the ie vs bloodthirster, the main idea here is to use your minions as buffs rather then dmg dealers. having all 3 out gives you 15% more basic dmg. obviously having more base basic dmg gives you a bigger bonus from the percentage. and being able to cast them more often will make the E minion heal more effective, along with it getting more dmg from ur AD, thus making the 50% heals better.

warmog isn't what this build is about. i'm trying to find a way to make him more of a burster then a tank. imo his tanking abilities are really lack-luster. he can slow multiple people and half revive someone. hardly seems tanky. however, he has a lot of ways to stack dmg! he seems far better at focusing or initiating. MAYBE off tanking.

BOTTOM LINE: most people are saying he sucks, but no one is trying anything new. play with the idea yourself and see what you come up with. i'm not saying this is the best way to do this, i'm just trying to bring up the idea so someone who really knows what they're doing can make it happen.
TheJohn's Forum Avatar
Jan 25th, 2011
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Ur idea isnt good. He's not meant to carry a team. He can deal damage, but will never be as great as an assassin's damage.
Eihn's Forum Avatar
May 13th, 2011
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hopefully he gets rebuilt

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