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How to Get Featured?

Creator: Starki113r
April 14, 2013 10:29pm
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Seriously, what does it take?

In less than two weeks my guide got to Number 3 for Nocturne, but one of the three Featured Guides up there is literally NO GUIDE at all and more stale than the Frosted Flakes that have been gathering dust in my cabinet for eighteen months.

Why are all Featured Guides reserved for people with High Elo/League/Whatever, even if their Guide isn't even all that good, though admittedly a lot are? How is that fair to those of us who A) Don't play Ranked but have valuable insight or B) Haven't reached level 30 yet, but can still have valuable frigging insight?

I'm not asking that mine get Scouted, or get Featured. I haven't done enough for the Community to warrant it. But for God's sake, stop just handing it out to people with High Elo just because they have fricking High Elo!

Want something other than a guide related to my own? Look at this one for example. Featured for Ryze, but it's both low rated and out of date.

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A net +2 Scout Points or Plat Elo is required to have your guide scouted.

Plat Elo guides are featured because it's plat and people generally have a good understanding of the game. How they demonstrate it via a guide is up to them.

Basically, "you have insight? Show us through your accomplishments."

Stale guides will get taken down sooner or later, and afaik can be force archived.

Featured Guides aren't limited to high Elo at all, either. If your guide is good, you get scouted. If you have 2 scout points and no -scout points, your guide will be featured regardless of if you're lvl5 or Challenger Tier. It's just that a lot of scouts don't look around at every single guide. Afaik, one, maybe 2 scouts look through guides.
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