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How to play Support - League of Legends

Creator: virtualist November 22, 2012 6:03am
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Nov 20th, 2012
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This video contains instructions on how to play Support role in League Of legends ranked 5vs5 brackets.

Watch in HD for better experience!


*******Summoner spells and starting items*******

1. Your summoner spells should be Flash and Exhaust.
2. Must have starting items are at least 1 normal ward and 1 vision ward.

*******Laning phase*******

1. Ward important warding spots.
2. Warding tactics and ward fighting.
3. Notify your jungler about enemy wards.
4. Refill wards before it expires.

*Tracking minimap and watching action:*
1. Report to fall back if you notice enemy approaching.
2. Report if the enemy on your lane in missing.
3. Inform middle lane if you miss enemy on bot lane.

1. Keep your carry 1 level higher then yourself.
2. Do not engage fights if your carry can't follow you.
3. Try to recall together with your carry.
4. Never last hit minions.

*******Middle phase*******

1. Middle phase actually starts when enemy jungler is capable of killing the Dragon solo.
2. This means that you should keep a ward at Dragon area.
3. There is no exact time when does middle phase start and for how long it lasts.
4. Try to keep track of enemy junglers items to see when he is capable of killing Dragon.

*******Late game*******

1. Late game starts when one of the teams destroys opponents turret on bot lane and joins the fight on mid lane (optional).
2. Make sure that you have warded Baron Nashor and Dragon areas.
3. Depending on how much gold you have, try to ward important warding spots.
4. You should always watch where your Ad carry is .
5. Buy oracle elixir and clear enemy wards when possible.
6. If your Ad carry is underleveled and trying to keep up by solo laning, you should secure his area with wards and let him solo farm.

*What not to do aka main mistakes*
1. Split from team to farm on lanes.
2. Forgetting to ward.


1. If you are tanky support you will likely be closer to enemy trying to make them use their abilities on you.
2. Try to position yourself so you can use your crowd control abilities.
3. If you are healing type of support, do your best to see who needs healing the most, don't just use it for nothing.
4. If you stay alone after teamfight, try not to die and use your skills wisely.


*important items*
1. Some champs scale better with specific items but you should focus on items that provide useful auras to your team.
2. Some of the aura giving items are: Aegis of the Legion, Zeke's Herald, Soul Shroud..

*how to keep up with gold*
1. Try to get every possible assist.
2. Try to find balance on ward fighting.
3. Get items that generate gold over time (optional).
4. Use runes that generate gold over time (optional).
5. Last hit minions when your carry isn't on lane.

Constructive feedback is welcome.
Hateful, negative and bad attitude comments will be deleted on sight.
Video is completely made by me and I own all the rights for it.
You are free to share this video by linking it to friends or websites, but please do not download it.
Music used in video has no copyrights.

Thank you for watching!
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I still remember when people cherished a wall of text, back when there weren't as many members as there are now. But over time people started to make guides with better quality, in order to distinguish themselves from the rest. This improved a guides overall rating, meaning people who didn't put as much effort into presenting their guides were often overlooked. This is how Mobafire works, and might be one of the reasons you haven't gotten as much attention.

You got most of the guidelines right, but the video itself seems to be wasting my time. Simple text messages, with no further description, and bland techno music just doesn't cut it. You don't seem to be concerned with keeping your viewers attention, and that's where I think the faulty lies. If we wanted some real advice, we'd just go read what the professionals (in E-sports) have to say.

also, I wouldn't recommend Soul Shroud to anyone, but I digress, it's getting removed. Speaking of which, this will soon be outdated as well. In your update, try to elaborate on your actions in order to clarify your message. This can be done with a commentary during the presentation, and judging from the lack of voice-over, you should probably stick with the tools you've got. A YouTube "star" persona isn't really in demand, but if you think you can pull it off, go for it. As for Season 3, I'm sure you know as well as I do how the meta-game is going to be changed. Just focus on how you can make a better presentation, and make your guide somewhat unique or stand out.

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