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Jungle Images

Creator: Sylvant January 28, 2015 2:30am
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Oct 9th, 2013
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where can i get a free source images of the Jungle map and jungle monsters to use for my mobafire guide. Are the wiki images free to use? Or is there a way i can easy make my own images
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Dec 6th, 2011
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I use Lightshot to easily make screenshots. A little bit of searching through google images would make your search easier as well. It's not like the literature police are going to come snooping around your guide and attempting to get it deleted because you didn't include a MLA formatted citation list at the bottom of your guide. lol
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Dec 7th, 2012
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Thanks for the warning, little birds, I will be following the exploits of this figure closely.

EDIT: Wait, this is not where this message was supposed to go.
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