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My Renekton build help please!

Creator: Drakkis June 24, 2011 1:38pm
Drakkis's Forum Avatar
May 13th, 2011
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Would anyone be willing to help me with making my build better? This one I've used over and over. It is pretty much a great way for me to win. Before this build, I was losing a lot and once I started to use this one, my wins caught up with my loses.
What? Do I have someone in my teeth?
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Jan 22nd, 2011
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I'd love to help you out. Been playing Ren a lot lately. What do you need?
Karthus by LaCorpse

Fearless bush diving

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Feb 8th, 2011
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He's kinda advertising. You need to ask specific questions man. Just asking for general help will get you nowhere but locked.

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