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Need Help Please

Creator: Borella March 7, 2013 7:39pm
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Mar 7th, 2013
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I am looking for a guide for Elise. She seems like a character I can get into real easily. I want a guide for playing the top/mid. Please make the guide simple for I am not great with determining what item to buy depending on the other teams champions. Some explanations on what spells/moves to use and when/why to use them would also be real helpful. Simple item build would be nice like, 3 health pots and boots, then upgrade boots and sword. Thanks for helping a guy who plays to play and doesn't understand the people in chat. :P
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Mar 5th, 2012
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Elise is a very hard champion to get into because you need to switch between spider and human. As well, you need to land you stun and use your combo quite quickly. First time elise players usually end up doing minimal damage because of bad ability rotation.

however, she is extremely strong at the moment, so it would be more of a high risk high reward champion.

Either start cloth + 5 potions , boots + potions, or 2 wards + potions
Sorcerer shoes / ninja tabi / merc treads
haunting guise
rylai's / sunfire cape / warmog's (You can get more than 1 of these, they are all good items)
liandry's torment
void staff

Abyssal scepter is a good item as well. Generally, you just need to build tanky because your base damage is so high.

You just want to buy magic penetration because she deals % damage. (Her q is ridiculously overpowered)
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Oct 25th, 2011
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Actually I may have answers for you. Elise can be built to Ranked performance level in two ways (meaning without being useless and/or dead a lot). When your thinking of your build you want to know first which lane you are going

FOR MID: I recommend a standard AP build with SOME differences, Staple AP items for Elise include:

Rabadons Deathcap, Abyssal Scepter, Void staff, [Sorcerers boots (kind of mandatory)] (besides the boots grab Rabadons deathcap and choose between the Abyssal or the Void for you penetration based on what you need.

Mid game grab a Malady or another attack-speed+AP item as well as an AP+health item (crystal scepter or the masks)

As a mid your goal is to stay at a distance and use your abilities from afar and finally run in during the clean-up.

Top+Jungle: I recommend the attack speed AP build:
Right away you start with building sorcerer's boots then go straight to malady then, Nasher's Tooth, and if desired blade of the ruined king(recommended ;) ) trinity force (or iceborn gaunts, Lich Bane also works) depending on if you need sturdyness more damage or more more cc.

Your playstyle in this build tends to be you use spiders to harass but in encounters you throw out your stun, switch to spider, and hunt the high priority targets on the map.

Besides the items that I listed as mandatory or mentioned in the Staple build feel free to experiment. I have a build that works for me, and I'm sure it would work with others. Just rather play than post guides

NOTE Both builds support the Staple AP items (Rabadon's, Abyssal, Deathfire's Grasp, etc.) HOWEVER for TOP&JUNGLE you NEED to go attack speed and AP otherwise you WILL fall behind.
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