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New here, might be mistaken but have a question:

Creator: sejuaniseju August 22, 2022 2:42pm
sejuaniseju's Forum Avatar
Aug 22nd, 2022
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In advance: this is not a rage or anything like that but i am genuine interested.

I have been playing League of Legends for many years, starting when i studied, left for a while to work and now with life being stable enough i returned to enjoy this game.

There are a lot of new champions, even a new jungle, reworks, new items etc, amazing!! But one thing has not changed... Every single time i am having a winning spree (5 wins) suddenly.... i am having terrible teammates for the next 5 games: i am talking about afk, inting, flaming or just really.. really bad players..

This has been the same for years.. And i might be crazy but i cannot think of anything else than RIOT doing this on purpose. It's almost like gaslighting.. the game puts me into a disadvantace after a winning spree and ofcourse i will think "oi.. i did great the last 5 games, i dont deserve to lose!" so i play another game.. oh look an afk in my team.. meh that's just bad luck so i play another one.... what? Got the extreme toxic kid picking a Ivern Support?? sigh that is bad luck again...

SO after 5 games of bad luck suddenly... this bad luck stuff doesnt happen anymore. But always (and i have experienced this for years) after 5 wins it begins again. The "bad luck" streak.

At one point after winning 5 ranked games i would just play normals. Lose 5 games and then enter Ranked again and guess what: All of a sudden my teammates were just fine.

What is it with ranked and winning? To be honest... this is ofcourse a perfect way to make players frustrated. It is a really smart way of manipulating young players.. Or am i thinking in a real negativr way right now? I mean.. this cannot be coinsidence... it happens every-single-time.
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Apr 27th, 2021
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I had a winning streak of 6 a few days ago, and then I just got this massive loosing streak afterwards. May just be because of bad luck, maybe I was just experiencing negativity from losing games, though I am pretty sure this wasn't just "bad luck". Every single game at least two of my teammates would flame each other, and not just "You're bad" and such, but they would say some stuff that should go unmentioned.

Anyway, after enduring about 20 games of "bad luck" (One of which was an insane game with 2 autofilled junglers, as in, 2 jungle mains were autofilled to other roles), I suddenly got good teammates again, everyone was positive, I got many wins and no one really gave up.

I mean, I have no proof, but I doubt it's only "bad luck".
Yuumi is a really hard champion, with a high skill cap.

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