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On-hit Twisted Fate Build

Creator: xFluing February 22, 2021 7:17am
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Oct 26th, 2015
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I've had this idea for this Twisted Fate on-hit build that takes advantage of Rageblade's crit conversion. What I had in mind is this: Start off with a Galeforce for the extra mobility, then get the Rageblade to start the crit conversion (it still does lots of damage from my experiments with practice tool / bots) then go for a life steal item like BotRK or BT.

Thing is I am having trouble optimizing the build seeing as I'm no expert and could really use some advice here, such as:
    Is this idea any good (in regards of off-meta builds) or should I stick with a crit build?
    Runes suggestions (I think PTA works wonders for this build, but it lacks early sustain)
    General items suggestions

These are the runes I've been running. I thought about changing alacrity for bloodline for better early sustain:
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Oct 24th, 2019
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Your rune path works, get Bloodline and secondary path Inspiration (Minion Dematerializer and Time Warp Tonic), then go w/ Kraken Slayer (you can also stack Tear for Manamune), then Collector, Rageblade, Berserker's and then Rapid Firecannon. This way you can deal insane amount of damage and RFC will let you reach w/o the need of Galeforce.

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