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Quinn vs. Ashe Top lane.. I lost badly

Creator: tuwinn September 16, 2015 7:38pm
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Sep 16th, 2015
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I just began playing about 2 months ago, I'm lvl 26 and I play mostly as Quinn. Today, I played against an Ashe at top lane and could barely kill a minion. Click on the link below for screenshots of his build, masteries, runes, etc

My question to you guys is, what should I have or what could I have done differently? His range was so great, I couldnt even go for minions. Interestingly enough, he bought two "Dagger" items, giving him 15% attck speed each. So he would just chew me up when I got close to the minions.

I do not have my masteries maxed out and I don't have any runes.

I read some where that Quinn should easily be able to fight off Ashe, but this was definitely not the case. I was pretty helpless.

What do you guys think? Was I doomed from the beginning?

P.S. To top it all off, I had this toxic teammate calling me an idiot for not being able to counter Ashe, even though it was clear I was out matched.
Sir Wellington
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Dec 23rd, 2012
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(just a quick note: this question would be better off in General Discussion, or maybe New Player Help. The Build & Guide Discussion section here is for actual guides, not gameplay help.)

To answer your question, I'd chalk it down to you playing a completely foreign matchup and not knowing what to do. So don't worry about losing so badly - you didn't have any experience fighting Ashe top so it's understandable. Here's a couple tips to help out:

- If you don't have Tier 3 runes yet, buy them ASAP. For Quinn in particular, I would recommend:
- Fill out as much of your masteries as you can. Each point counts. For Quinn, I would suggest a standard 21/9/0 setup, or as close to that as you can until you reach level 30.

- Whenever anyone even begins to trash talk or show toxic behavior, IMMEDIATELY mute that player. Hold Tab, then click the toxic player's speaker button.

- Don't give up. League is like a sport; you never stop learning. Every failure is a chance to learn something more and a challenge to do better.

- If you're on the NA server, shoot me a friend request: SirWellington. I'd love to help you improve and answer any other questions you have, since top lane is my main role :)

Check out my manly Xin Zhao guide for manly men!
Latest Legend
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Dec 7th, 2012
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What did you build?

Ashe will win longer fights, but if you can use your blind you can outtrade her. If she manages to zone you without taking too much damage, let her push up to your turret and try to get some minions that way. If she's away, push the lane out completely if you think you have the time and see if you can do something useful somewhere else.

Once you get your ult, look for opportunities to burst her down (don't forget about her ult though).

A general note on farming, stay out of her range for as long as you can, only walk in range to last-hit a minion and then get out of range again. Blind her if you have to. Or use it on some low minions to kill them that way, Blinding Assault outranges her attack range if I'm not mistaken.
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Nov 28th, 2013
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Well, someone has to say this so... You probably could have done something. Ashe is a really weak champion in lane, and her build path was bad, so you might have started to deal more damage than her in late game.

The thing is, it's hard to know where you could get better without seeing the game. I'm guessing you got to farm when she had a clear Volley instead of doing it behind minions, and you may have forgot to blind her when she activated her Ranger's Focus, but it's all speculation without seeing the game.

Ashe has more range and probably does better in long fights, but Quinn has enough mechanics as to outplay her. This also means it's not "easy" to counter Ashe with Quinn, in the sense that you should know how to properly counter (sometimes you counter a champion by playing normally, but most times you should do something specific), so don't feel bad for it. You should have probably had to play aggresive from level 1 (avoiding minion damage) and only fighting her for the duration of your blind, then retreating.
btejedor's Forum Avatar
Sep 27th, 2015
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You shouldn't be countered by Ashe by no means. More like the other way around. I understand that you have less range and her slow can get really annoying at some points, but still. You can always blind her and autoatack her twice and then leave. Yoy have enough resources to farm under tower so you can always let her push the wave and farm safely.

Post level 6 your burst will demolish Ashe's HP bar even if you are behind! Deal your combo and then back away amd wait for your cooldwons, repeat. Just try to not get hit when your spells are on CD because you can't trade back against Ashe's passive.

If you notice that she continously pushes the wave, tell your jungler to come and help you out. Without any dashes nor supoorts around, Ashe is pretty vulnerable in top lane. A good gank should make her burn her flash and let you manage your lane better.

Hope it helps!

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