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**Renekton: Off Tank Build**

Creator: Westyard
March 29, 2013 1:20pm
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**Renekton: Off Tank Build**

Buy List ( In order )

Boots>Health Potion x3>Long Sword x2>Vampiric Scepter>Long Sword>The Brutalizer>Ruby Crystal>B.F Sword>The Black Cleaver>The Blodthirster>Ninja Tabi/Mercury's Treads>Long Sword>Phage>Giant Belt>Frozen Mallet>Ruby Crystal>Giant Belt>Warmog's Armor>Chain West>Giant Belt>Sunfire Cape>

Final Build:

The Black Cleaver>The Bloodthirster>Full Boots>Frozen Mallet>Warmog's Armor>Sunfire Cape>

All in all= 16.185 Gold,-

Masteries: 21/9/0

Stats ( Without Runes )

Heal: 4563
Damage: 294
Armor: 134 (Depends on boots)
MR: 74 (Depends on boots)
Life Steal: 12%
CDR: 10%
MS: 390
Youtube: | website: coming soon...
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