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Should I put in my ranked stats for the champ...

Creator: Kirluu October 6, 2012 11:51am
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Jan 15th, 2011
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Hey guys. I have a Garen guide, and in connection to my, at some time, upcoming rework/overhaul, I was wondering if it would have a positive or negative effect to put my ranked stats with him in there.
My ranked stats for him are, not kidding, extremely good, but I'm thinking that it might lead people to think that picking him will automatically mean that they win top lane or something stupid like that.

I only play Garen as a counter to other top champions: I never pick him without knowing the enemy top laner, in ranked games.

If it makes any difference, my win ratio is 80 % and my kda per game is roughly 8/2/6.

I could put a note about how I use Garen in ranked to counter specific champions, but what if people don't read it, and just get the feeling that he's viable all the time? That could lead to people downvoting my guide, because they ended up getting countered, or something of the alike.

Help me decide, fellow MOBAPeeps :O Massive thanks! ;]

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Aug 21st, 2012
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It sounds like you've played 5 ranked games with garen.

Individual stats of a champion mean nothing. You could be 500 elo and have a 100% win rate with a champ, that's not impressive. You could also less than 10 ranked games played with that champ. not impressive.

If you have a good solo queue elo, you should include that. If you have a poor solo queue elo, sub 1500, I wouldn't include any stats whatsoever.

Only time I would include your stats is if it's your #1 played champion in ranked and/or you have 100+ ranked games played with them (over 55 win%).

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