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Thought of a new Turdgot build. Look okay?

Creator: Turdgot January 4, 2012 12:54am
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Jan 3rd, 2012
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Yes, I call him turdgot. I'm way to lazy to enter all of this into the guide-maker because it's hella complicated. If anyone wants to steal this and make a legit guide, go ahead, if you like it enough. Okay, so basically you build urgot to be cdr/mana/ad heavy early game, become a champ at ulting in and getting out for team fights in mid game, and to be even more damaging with combos and ults for late game ganks and team fights.
Build 21/0/9 Masteries, getting cdr, ad, summoner spell, arpen, magic pen, and obviously the bottom point in offense. Build mana per 5, summoner skill, movement speed, and buff buff in utility. Get flash and ghost. Build CDR blues, cdr and ad yellows, arpen reds, and arpen quints. Build 10% cdr between masteries and talents so you can keep 25% cdr after selling brutalizer late game. For skill order, organize Q>W>E, ult whenever it comes up.
Start with meki pendant and 2 health pots. Standard for turdgot, sustain for farm. Farm with q until lvl 2, then harass with E/Q combos.
Build tear and speed boots on first back. If you can, build boots of lucidity. With those boots the cd on Q will be low enough to fit in 4 q's per autolock from E, increasing your damage by 33%. You want that. Spam moves on the stairs for tear stacks. Go back and farm lane, harassing whenever possible.
Get lucidity on second back if you havent. Then begin building brutalizer. Go back into lane, you should have ult by now. You can use it for a tactical gank or to ult them into your turret, depending on lane status. Presumably you're getting some kills, because if you can't then you need to bot game until you can land E.
Finish brutalizer on 3rd back and grab manamune. Presumably youre getting into team fights by now. Your role in team fights is to ult the ap carry out, then focus down the ad carry. Utilize W to get out of the fray. You may die, but you will get kills/assists, and that will help you build Warmogs. Warmogs helps you shrug off more hits when you ult into the fray, making you much more useful.
Once you have warmogs build last whisper for a marked damage increase. The strategy doesn't change much throughout the game: ult out the ap carry, focus the ad carry using W to regain range, and win. Using the money from all the kills/assists you get, buy a bloodthirster and stack it up.
Now that it's stacked, who wants to die and lose them? To help prevent this, sell your brutalizer and buy either a randuins, another warmogs, a guardian angel, or a frozen heart. Randuins stops them from running from your incredibly fed team when you ult in. Warmogs is if you still feel squishy. Frozen heart gives you a little ad, more mana, a buttload of armor, and a lot of cdr. Keep in mind cdr cap allows urgot to keep auto lock on a target indefinitely. Guardian angel requires no explanation.
That's how you win as Turdgot.
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Oct 31st, 2010
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*Too lazy to enter...

Urgot pic

*Types everything out out.

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Mar 3rd, 2011
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Seems legit.. got to try this. now.

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