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What kind of information do you want to see added?

Creator: SnowmanDanny December 23, 2014 1:43pm
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Dec 19th, 2014
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Hey there summoners!

As new players often ask(im sure you have been the victim of this before too) more experienced players which champion they should play or which one are the strongest and most "op". I have found that answering them each and every single time tiring. As such i have created a guide which includes a quizzing tool which asks them to answer a few questions and will take the value of each answer and provide them with a champion feedback which can drastically reduce the amounts of time the question "which champion do i need to play" is asked.

Why do i need YOUR help?
Obviously im just one person with a limited amount of information and the more people chip in the more we can help out the newer players so i hope to receive feedback on what kind of things to include in my guide.

Link for the guide:

How to find the champion that suits you


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Oct 10th, 2013
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A brief description of all the champs, and then a link to a more in depth tutorial to them would be a good place to start I would think. Instead of just linking them directly to the quizzes.

Example: Renekton is a very bulky tank/bruiser who specializes in harassing or flat out beating his lane opponents in duels, he has decent AoE for clearing waves or dealing damage to multiple targets with Cull the Meek, a stun through Ruthless Predator, a decent escape or gap closer with Slice and Dice, and even more tankiness and damage with Dominus.
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