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Wukong Match Ups

Creator: Amazing Monkey August 24, 2012 10:03pm
Amazing Monkey
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Apr 10th, 2012
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(Help me? =3)

Hey, guys! For my Wukong Guide, I plan to put 1v1 match ups for not only top champions, but EVERY champion. Why? Because even though it is unlikely, you never know when you're going to have to cover mid for an afk or if you're switching lanes and encounter someone in the jungle. Though some of these encounters are quite unlikely, I would like to provide a general how-to-fight guide for every champion.

After a while, I decided that.....this is just a ton of work! I've almost finished the Champions A-E and there are just tons more to complete! Now, I have a lot of other things going on in my life but I still really want to get this done. So what I'm asking for you guys is to help me out with this section. I would prefer actual experience over theory, but if you are experienced with Wukong then I may trust your ideas.

To avoid confusion, please just pick a champion (or a few) and let me know before you start writing up a column. I will post the champions completed and in progress here.

Here is an example:


Most likely Encountered: Bot / Jungle


I can understand if none of you decide to help out, but I would really appreciate. I will definitely send some (+1 Rep =3) your way and give you recognition in my guide.

I will post completed champs soon. For now, just refer to my guide. =3

If you felt I contributed and stuff, can I have a (+1 Rep =3)?
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