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1 hour argument with a friend . Need a fresh...

Creator: Jokerlol November 26, 2022 1:47am
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Nov 26th, 2022
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Hello, we were both around Diamond 3 peak a couple years ago, picked up league just for fun playing with friends . Had this huge heated one hour argument of what should be played.

Basically the jungler (Diana)is premade with top(hes a silver) and mid the other Peak 3 Diamond. The argument is that the jungler states that he should recall after full clear and The Mid laner (Yone) Saying that he should have come mid.

Junglers persepective- I warned the top laner to back off or ward since its obvios that Trundle with path top for a free gang, since hes pushed. He didnt listen and die which is expected since hes silver. I proceed to finish crugs and recall communicated to midlaner that Jungler is pathing from TOP and since you have no vision, to be carefull.

My though process is tempo and efficency, theres no point for me to run to mid just in case trundle gangs, if he doesnt gang I simply waste time and tempo. Id rather recall and rush to 6 as fast as possible.

Mids Perspective- You should have come mid.

Midlaner started blaming the jungle that he should have been there, while jungler saying thats its a "what if " scenario that is random and is a waste of time. Since he shotcalled that jungler is coming to mid which is obvious, the midlaner should have played accordingly.

1 hour argument, your thoughts gents and ladies.
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Feb 28th, 2021
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Diana finishing her sequence at krugs left her too far from mid to make rotating there for a gank or hovering worth any time investment instead of resetting as she did, and as everyone knew Trundle was on top side river it was up to Yone to apply the five second rule, and he wouldn't even miss exp from minions so there was no justification to overextend instead.

In conclusion: smartest diamond mid laner be like

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