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Another one to join the ranks!

Creator: Symf0N3 April 21, 2013 7:03am
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Apr 21st, 2013
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M'jello everyone!

My IGN is Symf0N3 and I play on EUWest!
Been playing LoL for soon a year, mostly normals. Until me and my brother started to DUO Q ranked

Went alot of ADC. Till I found the lust of Jungeling (J4 or Lee / Heca! )
At about 1200wins and around 900losses in normal 300wins and 230losses ranked.

Prefer to play:
- Jarvan!, the jungle God! (dont ban please!)

Been a long time reader, until I decided to make an account!
Ain't no better site for guides!

Mucho Loveo!


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