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Carry me,mighty summoner!

Creator: Gwethrt
December 1, 2012 5:10pm
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Greetings summoners :) .

I've just decided to take advice for a Mobafire members who said that PVP on EUNE is dead,so i'm going to try my luck on EUW.Trying to reach gold elo by the way here,hope I won't fall because of trolls and brainiacz.

Im currently seeking someone to help me level up my account,I'm currently lvl 12 and I have started yesterday :p (yeah) . I've XP boots till monday midnight and I'm looking forward to spending it the best way.

I'm seeking a skillfull player,who is able to carry a game,and hope that his/hers account is smurf,(not far lvl from me) since i'm not into runes till 27 lvl.

Please feel free to contact me,I'm willing to paly ranked with you if you show me smoothness and skill :)

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