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Casual player looking for community!

Creator: Dazri92 March 13, 2012 7:40pm
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Mar 13th, 2012
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Hello there!

I never really thought I would get into league of legends but next minute I'm level 20 and still loving it! I hope some people take the time to read this :p

What I am looking for :
Mature community that can have a laugh
Good communication (voice comms like vent etc)
Players aged 16+
Anything from a small group of people to a clan or community!

What I can offer :
Fast learner
Good play lanes mid or jungle
Friendly and fun attitude to conversation and gaming

I'm not quite sure what to put but I'm 19 looking for a league of legends community to have some fun and maybe in the near future more serious games :) I play eu west and I'm from the uk!

Lemme know if you need to know anything else !

Laters :)

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