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Clan Amadas 1v1 Tournament

Creator: DeadlyTricks July 14, 2011 8:03pm
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Apr 21st, 2011
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Clan Amadas 1v1 Tournament

This is a 1v1 tournament in the all mid style, matches should be started on Summoners Rift in Draft mode.

How to Register:
To participate all players must create an account on the Clan Amadas forums and reply in this thread that they want to participate. On July 22 the tournament will open and no more participants will be taken.

How to Report a Win:
All players must have the program lolreplay and record their match in this manner. Once in the game both players should state that this is the actual match not a scrimmage. Once the game has been decided upload the file to mediafire or a similar hosting site and the winner must put a link on this forum for us to check the results.

How the Bracket will work:
After bracket opponents are know participants have 1 week to conduct their scheduled match and submit the replay in the above manner. This rule remains true of all later matches as well. As long as your bracket opponent is know there is no restriction on how soon you play. If you want to rush and schedule as soon as you can and submit the winner you may. If a match is not taken place within the scheduled time both players will count as a lose. If a single player refuses to play send communicate with me by email or pm and i will look into the incident.

This is a double elimination tournament and the winner will win $10 worth of RP.

1.) No other players are allowed to spectate

2.) The rules of this tournament are first blood or first tower.

3.) First kill does not count as first blood so if you die to the tower it does not count.

4.) Going beyond outside the mid lane counts as a disqualification, same standard boundary as in ARAM

5.) Manipulation of creeps in midlane is permitted such as Sona, Aegis of the Legion etc. However, manipulation of creeps in other lanes is not allowed, neither is farming them.

6.) There is no restriction on use of Recall.

7.) Matches should occur in Blind mode with two bans for each person decided before hand.

8.) If first blood/first tower doesn't happen within the first 15 minutes then whoever has the highest CS wins.

Make sure you verify your profile on your email or you wont be able to do anything.
(courtesy of my homie DarcMatteh)

I like it when they scream...;)

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