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eSports team FireLight invites : LOL west

Creator: FireLight July 24, 2011 3:37am
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Jul 24th, 2011
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FireLight team - introduction:
Firelight used to be only StarCraft 2 team. But, we got introduced to this awesome, brilliant game called League of legends - so there we are, opening an branch for LOL, in our community. So, let me introduce you Firelight team :

Who are we? We are: A team focused on competitive play. Mean laddering, leagues and LAN’s for example. The current team consists of players with a wide variety of skill. Some are good, some claim to be good. Some even claim to be horrible. But can you judge them?

There’s a common goal to improve and become a better player, but we all know it’s not something you can do alone. With this is mind, the team was born. We all strife to improve ourselves by playing each other, ladder, entering competitions, etc. Did you know all of our members have a super power in common? Yea, it’s common sense. Together it’s better to ladder, train, theory-craft.

Our Goals:
Cover team events with casts and high attention.
Achieve best possible performance working in team.
Participate in events, tournaments, including major leagues.
Create suitable easy and attended environment for training teams.
Provide team with newest and up to date LOL gaming news.

What we can offer to you?
A place where you can learn, get better and find new friends.
Support both from staff, and community, and events which will be able to join you and your friends.
An private/open teamspeak channel if needed.
Help form experienced players, and companions in your games.

Our Rules*:
Be respectful towards other clan members.
Do not use offensive names. We won’t tolerate that.
Registering in an event mean’s participating, unless there’s serious excuse.
If you Enter a tournament on a team’s name – there cannot be any BM, your actions reflects on our team.
Try to keep all chats English. If you need to talk in another language do it in PM or party chat.

How to join FireLight?

There's couple of ways:
By visiting our website : (direct link to apply : )
Contacting the officer in game, channel : FireLight Names: FLParamedic, Karkus.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please visit our chat on quakenet irc @ channel #FireLight or by clicking this link : or by emailing our staff at :

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