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[EUNE]Gold II LF Duoq

Creator: JohanWedelwww September 19, 2014 12:01pm
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Apr 5th, 2012
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Hello,so as the title says,i'm looking for someone to duo with in order to get out of this elohell i'm in.
I climbed from silver I to gold II in like 2 days,but that was a week ago,i'm still here.The games are extremely odd,it's like stomp or get stomped. either someone from my team feeds,or someone from their team feeds.
I'm looking for someone gold(en),who can speak/understand english,with a positive and calm attitude,I can play any role(my favourites are mid and jungle though).
*I may be gold III by the time anyone sees this post,that's how amazing the games are :D

For more information you can check my't look at the last 2 games,they were absolutely horrible,1 with an afk teammate,1 with a troll cait who just walked into the enemy team's tower and died for 10 minutes than went afk) .

IGN: JohanWedelwww

Feel free to add me for ranked 5v5s/inhouses/customs aswell . I'm online most of the time.
My top/mid/jungle/adc is pretty good,my support is really mediocre.Anyways,add,and i'll be glad to answer any kind of questions.

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