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[EUW] LF fun, casual, chill people/team to play...

Creator: D0P3 November 18, 2013 7:32am
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Nov 18th, 2013
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Hello, I am me, and as the title says, I'm looking for FUN, CASUAL, CHILL people to play with who don't rage AND DON'T SAY THA PHRASE '' DATS GAY '' cuz you know it just drives me over the edge.
I'm really only playing this game to have fun, but it's hard to find like-minded people, so I was hoping if I'd find any here, so just putting this out there.

I enjoy playing ARAMs, bots, normal 3v3s and sometimes normal 5v5s. I'm unranked because I see nothing fun about playing ranked, but I think I might want to try it with people who take ranked games as seriously as normal games. I'm really done with all the competitive and aggressive brawl that goes in the game, not to say that I don't want to win because I definitely do, but fun > winning. And winning per se isn't always the funnest thing, but rather playing with fun players, ya get me? So I'm open to a ranked team, especially 3v3 ranked, but 5v5 ranked teams are ok as well, taken that everyone is just there to have fun and hopefully win at the same time.

I'm also very interested in trying out new team comps and '' trollish builds '' and I enjoy playing AP Miss Fortune now and then, but it's pretty hard when everyone is just NO GO AD NOOB WTF UNINSTALL LOL. That ain't fun ya'll, I have the most fun when I'm trying something new.

But yeah, if you are at all interested in playing with me, recruiting me or anything, just add me in game and let's play sometime hopefully:

Server: EUW
Summoner Name: Lady Gaga
Prefered position in SR (in order): Mid, Support, Top, ADC, Jungle that I DO NOT PLAY CUZ IM HORRIBLE AT IT
Prefered position in TT (in order): Bot, Jungle, Top

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