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EUW Player looking for a ranked team!

Creator: Zisch1294 November 14, 2012 2:41pm
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Nov 20th, 2011
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Hi guys,

why this thread

I'm playing on EUW. Last season I made my way up to gold elo with my 3on3 ranked team and currently im trying to raise my elo in soloQ.
I would love to find a team that I can play with in season 3.
The reason why I write this thread in english is because I don't know who actually read's this.

about me

My summonername is Z15ch and I am playing on the EU-West servers of league of legends, I am 18 years old and my native language is german. I am a student at the moment, wich means we should talk about times to play, but I'm very flexible because of playing very much LoL even without a team right now.
My experience is kinda gold elo, because I also played 5on5 games at this level but not in soloQ. My roles that I prefer are AD carry and any kind of top lane, I also played the other roles a lot but i think AD carry and top lane are my best ones.
Counterpicking should not be the problem because i got round about 100 champions right now.

the team I am looking for

The ranked team that I am looking for should be friendly of course and at least at my level of gameplay. I am also a friendly player and very teachable if I'm doing things wrong wich means, that the reason for me to look for a team, is also to improve my own gameplay. I don't want to feel that I am a problem for a team to increase their elo, but i love to play with people who play better then me so I can improve things.
Of course I am prefering a german team, but if people want to play with me who at least speak english, I think we can go for it (I try my best to make myself understandable).

So that's it and I hope someone would read this and answers to me (if I'm not answering immediately to your posts here, easily add my summonername ingame so we can talk about everything you want).

Thanks for reading this and hope to see you on the Fields of Justice ;)

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