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[EUW] Starting a team! (Serious)

Creator: imGrobbles March 10, 2013 12:57pm
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Feb 20th, 2013
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Hi my name is Grobbles and I am starting a team to, firstly play Normal Draft and then move on to ranked. To join please fill application in. There are a few rules, but nothing major. Oh and please don't write essays in the application :). Please also know that you will be on a kind of trial for 2-3 games just to see if you play well with us, so you may be dropped. There will be over 5 people so don't hesitate to fill in an application if 4 or 5 have already.

    Should have Skype.
    Must speak and understand English at fluent/near fluent level.
    Must be over level 24.
    Must have enough champions to play draft.
    Must be chilled but want to win.
    If you are only good at one role please state in application

Summoner Name:
What time are you on from and until:
Best Role:
Second Best Role:
Top 3 Champs for best role:
Top 3 Champs for second best role:
Reason for application:
Why I should pick you:


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