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[EUW] Team Divi5ion EU is looking for a...

Creator: cusell May 28, 2012 2:22pm
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May 23rd, 2012
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Who are we?
We are a League of Legends team playing on the eu west server that has a professional gaming organization called Divi5ion supporting us (feel free to check out for further information).
As being such a team, we are aiming high and want to become a competitive team in the near future, taking part in as many competitions as we possibly can such as weekly Go4LoLs etc.

Our current roster:
Fuuzen - ad carry
Pipo - jungler
Bilikien - support
Cusell - mid
You - top

Players are from Germany, Denmark and Spain.

What are we looking for?
Top lane main 1600+, mastering almost all the top champs and being good with the others.

- Have TeamSpeak3 and a working mic
- Stable internet connection.
- Fluent english (be able to understand us and be able to speak a lot)
- Experienced with top laning in general
- Keep up with the meta changes and try to get better for yourself (watch streams etc.)
- Enjoy playing the top lane role
- Evening/night availability. Sundays availability (go4lol). We want to play as much as possible, but not being able to play every day is not a problem.

Extras (not needed):
- Being able to stream.
- Experience in go4lol or other tournaments.
- Platinum badge.

We have tested more than 10 people at the moment, so feel free to contact us and give it a try, we have played from junglers ranging from 1600 to 2300 elo but for different reasons they didn’t meet the criteria (bad english, getting a new job, studies...). If you feel our requirements are too strict you can still give it a try or at least contact us. We are willing to try out as many top laners as possible so be confident and give it a try. As long as you have the ability to learn fast and have the motivation and time to play, you could be the one that we are searching for!

Contact us:
Add Fuuzen in game (EUW server). or e-mail us at telling us your summoner and why you want to join us (we check that daily).

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