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Creator: Exlaxl February 21, 2012 1:45am

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Aug 10th, 2011
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Hello everyone!

I took the time to properly introduce myself to you, for you who don't already know me from CoD4!

My name is Joey 'Exlaxl' Verhoeven, 21 yo, dutch, and I'm a former professional Call of Duty 4 player.
For the people that have seen me play worldwide on LAN events, top 5 scopes, for flaming no-namers: cheater ^.^
Since the rise of League of Legends the CoD4 scene is dieing slowly.
It's not competitive interesting anymore for me to put more effort into it.

Therefore I am thinking about switching completely to competitive LoL.
My thoughts about my quality's and possibilities to achieve the same status in an other scene are promising.
I have been playing LoL since the day it got released, not competitive though.

I would like to focus on the role of jungler / solo lane since it feels best for me.
My favorite champions would probably be Lee-sin, Dr. Mundo, Urgot (solo), Veigar, Morgana, Nocturne, AP Cho-Gath, AP Sona (solo), AP Nidalee.

My pro's:
- Really friendly and always happy.
- Always positive minded.
- Speaks Dutch, English, German fluently.
- Worldwide available for LAN events without support.
- Potential to become really big.
- I haz le_gamesense :)
- I haz le_beautifull derpina dat play LoL :D:D

My con's:
- Fulltime job :) Play only evenings/ weekends.
- Some evenings I could be hanging in a pub :P
- Haven't played dedicated Ranked solo yet, 140 games -> 1280 elo (top 1390) :unsure:
- Hetero, sorry boys :D

Not to forget, I made my first guide, and ofcourse more to come!:
Like it ! :D ;P

My eu west summoner's name: Exlaxl

To not make this look like any other than an introduction post, here's a pic of me ^.^
Second from left, both hands in pocket:
*** Note: first picture I could find, this is in a LAN event in Portugal, Lissabon with a mix team ^.^

Uploaded with
Exlaxl's Forum Avatar
Aug 10th, 2011
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Hello guys!
As I've introduced myself earlier on the forums (link: Introduction post!)

I am looking for a dedicated LoL team that:
- Plays to win, not fun only.
- Always stays motivated, even when 1-10 behind.
- Speaks proper/native English (or Dutch)
- Don't expect me to be online every evening, since I actually do have a social life and I might be hanging around a pub.
- Has game-sense
- Uses X-Fire and Teamspeak3 to communicate
- Wants to visit international LAN events

As i'm a former pro CoD4 player I have proven myself on many international LAN Events.
This is what I aim for in the LoL scene.

I don't play alot of ranked cos of the fkin ******s dat blow my mind over and over...
I've had enough of this sh1t, if you think you can use a sense/sound guy, call me in.

About me:
3 weeks till 22 year old :) !
Dutch with English girlfriend :) !
Social sound lad :) !
Jungler - Solo laner.

Champions I fully control:

Solo top, mid and Jungle:
Lee Sin (AD)
Cho-Gath (AP)

Solo top and Jungle:
Mundo (AD)
Kayle (Hybrid)
Nocturne (AD)

Solo top and mid:
Urgot (AD)
Nidalee (AP)
Brand (AP)
Kennen (AP)
Le Blanc (AP)
Karthus (AP)
Malzahar (AP)
Veigar (AP)
Morgana (AP)
Orianna (AP)
Ezreal (AP or AD)

Solo top:
Trynda (AD)
Gangplank (AD)
Sona (AP)
Warwick (AP)

Favorite champions probably:
Lee Sin - Veigar - Nidalee - Mundo - Urgot - Orianna - Trynda

My current elo, 1300, my top elo: 1400
I've played games with top teams (1900 elo) and I managed to do pretty good, had top farms, and positive scores.
I would say I can handle 1900 elo, just haven't been there yet.

Xfire profile:
LoL Eu west: Exlaxl

Once again, I'm a talented gamer that knows the game in and out.
Wishing to get picked up by descents and grow together.

Lugignaf's Forum Avatar
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Feb 8th, 2011
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Dude, you don't need to keep bumping an introduction topic. If people are interested in playing with you, they will.

I see you hail from reddit/4chan/9gag though so, welcome aboard I guess. <_<
Sig courtesy of GrandmasterD. Go get your own sig from them. :D
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Jun 24th, 2011
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Welcome to MOBAFire ^^

btw are you trolling yourself? seriously..
Exlaxl's Forum Avatar
Aug 10th, 2011
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Why would I be trolling myself?

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