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Experienced player looking for team

Creator: Mcastral March 2, 2012 11:11am
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Aug 26th, 2011
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I currently have 2 accounts at level 30 looking for ranked teams.
One account is currently in the 1100s for Elo and I'm looking for a good duo or a decent 5v5 team to play with.
The other account is currently unranked but has a win/loss of 6-2 so idk how that elo is gonna turn out.
The first account has maybe 3-4x more champs than my second account so I'll have more variety on that account.
My strong points are support/ap carry/top solo and my weakest is jungling.
Reply with some information and hopefully I can get into a team soon.


EDIT: My 2nd account is 8/2 now with an elo of 1387.

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