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[Fun/Competitive] Taem cV - Recruting

Creator: Dawson July 12, 2011 8:17am
Dawson's Forum Avatar
Jul 4th, 2011
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After seeing all of the people I used to play League with, turn into ****s who think they're great and watch all the tournyment games -.- (In all reality they're just fanboys who aren't that good at the game) I was like "mehhh I don't really like playing with these guys" so the few remaining that I did like to play with, we came together and made a team for fun and occasionally competitive games.

cV (Clear Vision, and no it's sort of a clarvoyance joke but its not like we all roll cV even though a lot of us do)

The team is composed of 4 of us right now, maybe 5. We're always looking for more so long as you've been playing for a decent amount of time and are able to keep preforming conistantly each game. You don't need to be "omg legend!!!" It's just nice if we know we can count on you to do consistant in your role. Be that tank, dps, support whatever you perfer to roll.

You can add my main or my cV account on LoL if you wanna play a game with us and see if you want in :]

Main: Dawson
Team Acc: cV Dawson
Currently looking for a team, I'm an amazing skill-shotter and prefer tanky roles (Garen, Renek, Amumu) or straight up AP DPS (Nidalee, Veigar, etc) :3 Although I'm a great Sona too.

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