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Furys quest for gold

Creator: lowfury November 7, 2013 12:57pm
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Nov 7th, 2013
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Hello there guys, I've been struggling in silver for a while now and I was hoping to maybe get some tips or find a good partner for Duo Queue that will help me achieve my goal of getting to gold.
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Nov 17th, 2013
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What's your IGN?
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Nov 14th, 2013
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My biggest tip is get really good with an assassin character, win your lane, then start roaming for kills.

In team fights always take out the strongest carry, the rest of your team should be able to clean up after that.

I don't suggest being a top laner, adc, or support, because they have the least amount of impact in the early game.

Mid and jungle I feel have the most impact on who will win the game most of the time, so always try to get those roles when you can, and if you're not very good with them, it's time to start learning them.

These same tips were given to me from a Diamond player.

Ahri, Zed, Akali, Diana, and Kassadin are some of the best at this in mid lane assassins.

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