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Hello! (Also looking for friends)

Creator: Ctuak March 16, 2012 9:07pm
Ctuak's Forum Avatar
Feb 19th, 2012
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Hi, my username is Ctuak, also the summoner name of one of my accounts. Swans being my main one, which you'll find me on a lot more often. I've been enjoying LoL for a few months now, but I've only been playing consistently lately. Due to my increasing enjoyment of the game, I expect this habit to stick for awhile. :P
And through the process of wanting to better my skill and knowledge of the game, and I got this site as a recommendation. And what a lovely site it is. A diverse arrangement of guides to choose from, most being very thoroughly written. Eventually I decided to start posting on the forums (that being now), this thread being my introduction and call for others to play with. I have already made a few friends online from the games I've played, but they aren't entirely reliable.

So, that about wraps it up! Love League of Legends, and I'm looking to get better and establish some friendships along the way. Maybe even make a ranked team eventually.

I enjoy playing champions with a unique asset offering and playstyle towards the team, and champs with good combat supporting capabilities, but also being able to handle ones self in a lone fight, or capable of a quick escape.
More specifically, champions I enjoy (and am fairly proficient with) are Singed and Urgot.
Champions I own and enjoy playing but not necessarily the best with/Champs I'd like to learn and buy being Taric, Evelynn, Nautilus, Fiddlesticks/Mordekaiser, Volibear, Skarner, Olaf, Twitch, Shaco, and Twisted Fate.

My Summoner level is currently 13, and my total won games is 41. I play on the North American server, and follow the Central Time Zone.

My skill varies on what champion I've listed above (obviously), but I've been complimented on having a very strong Urgot and Singed. So due to this I'd describe myself as a bit above average. I'm aware of the minimalistic components of the game, and I can handle myself.

Anyone may add me and play with me, I'd just prefer you're decent with the game. :)

If we're far apart in levels, or if you'd just want a fresh start, I'm willing to make a new account with someone (or more) and level together on that one, just for the hell of it.

That's about it. I apologize for this being so drawn out, but I insist on explaining everything that pertains to my post as intricately as possible. Thank you for reading, and I hope we can play ogether sometime!
yoriboyka's Forum Avatar
Jun 22nd, 2011
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Hey ctuak I appreciate your efforts thanks for joining us :)
Flavum's Forum Avatar
Sep 29th, 2011
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Hello there! If you are looking for a community you can play in and have fun, feel free to check our recruitment thread and apply if you are interested. If you have any questions, just shoot'em and I'll answer :) Wish you a good day!

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