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Hello Community! Looking for a nice team to...

Creator: Maximus Stinson April 27, 2013 6:45am
Maximus Stinson
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Apr 27th, 2013
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Hi there guys! I'm Maximus Stinson (IGN aswell), but you guys can call me Max! I'm an NA League of legends player and I'm currently in Bronze Division 2 due to some bad matchups my first few ranked games :( I'm an avid league player in the late afternoon-evening (EST) and I dominate the mid lane, anywhere from Malzahar, Cassiopeia, Katarina to Karthus Kassadin or TF. I also jungle fairly well with Lee Sin, Nocture and Malzahar (Team composition permitting) aswell as other champions as required. I'm also very comfortable top lane with Mordekaiser, Jayce, Sion, Irelia, Singed and Olaf. I'm looking for a nice team to settle in with, I'm currently Unable to use teamspeak but I can use Skype, Oovoo and other such group calling programs. I've been playing for 8 months now and I've been level 30 for a majority of that time. Feel free to add me IGN and contact me if you need a Mid/Jungler or potential Top laner. Thanks for your time guys!
Maximus Stinson

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