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Hello, looking for competitive 5v5 team

Creator: TheMurphh January 6, 2013 6:48am
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Jan 6th, 2013
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Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my post!

My name is Zack Gooding (TheMurphh in game) and I have been playing LoL for roughly 2 years now. My social norm on league has been playing with friends, but recently I have been seeking a more competitive group to play with.


ADC: Graves, Caitlyn, Vayne
Competent on each, Working on farming more efficiently. My weak points are engaging and overextending

SUPPORT: Sona, Taric, Nunu, Alistar
I have been spending majority of my time playing support and am extremely comfortable with this role. My weak point would be facechecking/not being careful when I place a ward

Jungle: Alistar, Lee Sin, Olaf
Still getting familiar with new jungle items/routes. Weak point here would be engaging and presence in lane.

Top: Renekton, Olaf
The least I play, though I figured id mention it. I have competent lane awareness and minion farming in this lane. Weak point would be overextending

I am fully open to any role needed and am certainly excited to hear back from anyone if at all.

Skype: Boonakathemurphh

please email/skype me with and questions or inquiries, and thank you very much again for looking at this post.

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