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Hey! Nice to meet you

Creator: Wogoru April 13, 2013 12:16am
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Apr 12th, 2013
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Hi, whats up. If u know how to read, you will see my name, so i dont wanna say it again. Also, ive u rode me again, u will see that im not english, im spanish xD (and also 16 u.u). Im "new" in LOL. I say new cause im level 10 but also, ive started playing DOTA (the first one, the beste one, the DOTA from Warcraft 3) when i was more young xD (7 years) so im familiarizated with all of the game. I usually play with supports, but i use most of the champions, but i dont have a lot. I like the champions with a lot of salt and fried potatoes xD, ok no. My favourite ones are: Soraka, Twisted Fate, Kha' Zix (when was free xD) Ahri (also when was free xDD) Tryndamere used as a jungler and i didn´t proved to much. So, i know that now, nobody is going to play with me xD, but time to time, time to time xDD. So, nice to meet u and excuse all my gramatical mistakes
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Oct 27th, 2012
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You are forgiven <3

And hi :D
Change is gooooood
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