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Hi ;)

Creator: LiMonnaDa
October 4, 2012 1:45am
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Hi everyone. My name is Marius. I just created an account on Mobafire.
I already know Moba beacause i like to read the different builds that there are here. I play in the EU west server ( yeah i'm french so bonjour!).
I like to play jungler but i have alot of things to improve for this role.
Also i'm not very good in english but i try to do my best.
So i hope we meet in game! Bye :)
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Hi! We have recently opened a clan (LYE)and wondered if you wanted to join its EU WEST and we need members on our ranked team you would be a great addition to our team. If you don't mind us adding you and playing a game with you to judge whether we should put you in the ranked team if you don't want that or we don't think you are ready to join the ranked team you could just join the clan and do scrims with us against other clans.
If so post your application here
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