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hi every one.... just let me see for my...

Creator: angophara July 8, 2011 7:37am
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Jul 7th, 2011
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I looking for clan/gueild. cuz I want to play game gethering other people.
the first thing introduce for me.
name : angophara
current level : 20
main character : Dr. mundo, warwick, ashe, amumu, garen(the most character of them is Dr.mundo; becuz I had got other ID for Level 30, so when I had played raked game, it have been won over 60%.
why have u a new ID : I hope I get real played game. before I had 17 left. and I played variety character with lost game.
play time : i mainly played after 7 PM ~ 1 am among week( i have free time as weekend ). but I live in australia and korea. so I just have UTC +9:00

if u have interesting, just let hang out a commend.

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