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I've never actually introduced myself o.o

Creator: Cath4rsis April 23, 2013 10:56pm
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Nov 23rd, 2012
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(Found out about this part of Mobafire today. Lol.)

Hello everyone, my name is Diogo and I'm a portuguese player. I've been on mobafire since I started playing lol, which was around november/december. I'm 18 and I'm on university, studying Art Studies, with the intent of focusing my studies on Theatre, Classic if possible.

I'm a huge bookwork and overall tv addict with my attention essencially turned to everything period drama, sci-fi and fantasy. I'm a lover of Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones/A Song of Fire and Ice, Battlestar Galactica & other shows. I also love anime and manga, but yet, I still prefer to read. My favourite books are the ASOIAF ones. I'm a Tully at heart. Also I get pretty much interested in every conversation that has to do with any of the shows mentioned before, final fantasy, hitch****'s movies or general pop culture.

I have a different approach to lol than my friends and probably most people that play the game - I enjoy immensly the lore, and I find myself searching for fan art and fanfiction and cosplays a lot. I do enjoy the competitive scene a lot. Love the Dignitas dudes. They're cool, I guess.

I love to play the ADC role although I don't think I'm good (I still fail a lot of last hits, and sometimes I feed like seriously hard), but lately I've been interested in mid and support champs. Can't exactly explain why, it must have been because I fell in love with Diana... (I mean, clear reference the roman mythology, plus, ****ing awesome art. and amazing kit! jesus christ why haven't i tried her before?)

I'm here mostly to find answers to my doubts, do the fanboy stance, learn how to play better, discuss opinions, find cool peeps and having fun.

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