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Just joined up

Creator: crackmuppet May 7, 2012 9:39am
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May 7th, 2012
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Hullo folks, just joined, but I've been using the guides for a little while now. My thanks to everyone who has made a guide, I know a lot of time and effort goes into them.

Anyways, I'm just looking to get together with folks and play a few games. Not really looking for a clan or group, but I'm not against playing with clans or groups. I do best with characters like jarvan, mordekaiser, and skarner. I do like to play other champs too, so you may see me play others from time to time.

If you need another player who's pretty easy to get along with, gimme a shout. I'm most often on between 10pm and 2am EST.


Also, right now I'm online and on the ventrilo, private room #3, feel free to jump on and play some. I'm lvl 28.

C'mon, you just wish you could ride a dachshund like this.

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