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Klapsior says hello.

Creator: Klapsior
March 17, 2013 8:55am
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I'm Klapsior. I decided to introduce myself since i played some inhouses, but never used forum. I have my LoL account since release of this game, but playing only for like a year. For today i'm non-studying young male from Poland. Working tho. I was studying in my Capitol city but resigned cause i didn't like Univesity i chose. In free time i like to play league. I like supporting and i'm always open for some duoq. Something more? I like reading criminals(i don't read much tho), watching anime (Stein's;Gate my fav) and watching/playing football(soccer) <--- Huge Newcastle United Fan. Well i think dat's all and sorry for my english but i was learning german for 13 years and english was my second language. Klapsior out.

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