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Lateralus Gaming LF - Support/Jungle (more...

Creator: ReaperGaming March 11, 2013 3:57am
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Feb 4th, 2013
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Hey, thanks for taking your time to read this. Currently my team, Lateralus Gaming, is looking for a jungler and a support. We're an NA Team Currently we have 2 players as Stand-ins for the Mobafire Open tournament. We're not super good (Individually we're all about Silver - Gold) but we're always looking to improve.

More about us Personally:
We're 3 friends from Colorado looking to get better at league of legends and to eventually play competitively and get better at LoL.

Our Top-Laner is Brian AKA: "Fubasha". He's been playing LoL for 2 years and 3 months. He has also played a few other Mobas/Arts (Smite and Dota 2)

Our Mid-Lane is Taylor AKA "THEDUMNINJA" (Changing his name soon) and he's been playing for about a year and a half.

Last but not least, I'm Mitchell "Reaper". I've been playing LoL for about a year and 9 months. I've also played WC3:Dota, HoN, Smite, and played Dota 2 for a few teams.

Terms & Conditions:
1. You must have a mic
2. You can't be a douche (Or someone that rages easily)
3. You have to like to have fun
That's pretty much it.

You can email the Team Captain at:
Or message me on Mobafire, or leave a comment here.
By email is the easiest way to be able to contact us, as I do check my email basically hourly. You can also leave a post here, but it's less likely to be seen.

When you send the email, format it as follows:
First name:
Summoner name:
Why you're interested in joining:
Anything Else:

Thanks for taking the time to read this, again! If you'd like to check us out I also live stream a lot of our gameplay.

My TwitchTV channel
My YouTube Channel (I rarely use this thing)
I'm an aspiring eSports writer. If you want me to write something for you, message me here with the subject: "Writer:(prompt here)"
I play ADC and am currently looking for a team as well

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