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LF> Duo partner See details inside

Creator: Hershyy December 25, 2012 1:34pm
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Jul 18th, 2011
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I topped off at 1500 elo with diana, lux, and some akali. Then I tried experimenting with champs that I played but didnt main in ranked and dropped. Now I'm trying to climb with my mains and no matter how well the games going, the team finds a way to throw hard. Currently in 1200's.
Looking for a duo partner above 1300 to play with so that the games don't have 1100 elo kids feeding and trolling. PM me in game
IGN: Kid Liquidz
Mains: Diana, Akali, Lux
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Apr 28th, 2012
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I'm down for some games add me up WannaBeP if you are interested.

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