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LF league party time explosion of fun and...

Creator: Sakurisan August 27, 2012 5:26pm
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Feb 25th, 2012
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Basically the title.

I want to be able to play with chill people and have fun but giant clans intimidate me and everyone else wants to get out of ELO hell. I don't play ranked and I play a lot of ranged AD and support. I'm not terrible at the game I played DoTA for a long time and generally pick up tactics fast. I follow directions really well if you're one of those leader people.

I'd really like it if you're kind of ok as well because losing 90% of your games because the people you play with have one these issues sucks:
Some sort of last hitting aversion
Going afk for like 20 minutes to say goodnight to their children
Are children and their mom unplugs the internet
Like to run through turrets to chase enemies 2 levels higher and are at full health
Buy like 6 boots and run around like a moron

That being said I'm not against trolling in its entirety I still think it's fun to play Rammus in Dominion or bot games with like tons of speed and things. (Can you still do that?)

I don't like to play ARAM all that much I'm sorry, I don't. I like to play like 3 characters and I'll only play other ones if you make me. I tried to work through this issue and I just really like to shoot things as in shoot them. Some people don't actually shoot things, I don't play those much. I play Ashe and Graves a lot. I don't mind playing support but I'm not the greatest at it (not the greatest at anything tbh.)

I'm very social but I would prefer to socialize with people 18+ as I'm generally not appropriate for children or conservative people. Ideally I'd like to join a smaller clan, ie your clan page doesn't have its own LFG page.

I'm pretty sporadic in my playtime but it would generally be week days from 8-midnight cst or all day should I have off.

I like to shoot things (it's a theme of me on the internet), I play lots of games. I had bagel bites for lunch (they were terrible D: ). I like Tool and EDM and hippie music. I'm an artist! See the good times we could have protecting towers and joining forces to annihilate people who besides being on the other side of the map have done us no harm. (Bonus if you're a girl and we can talk about glitter as well as zombies.)

TLDR I'm fun let's play and try not to lose.

My in game is Sakurisan on NA
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Aug 23rd, 2012
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You have so many qualities that is rare in LoL players. Such as a level head, and use of correct grammar. And for this, I love you.
I'm not as girly as you I dont think. I have a sick obsession with owls and I'm fascinated with unusual and unique things.
..but I love pink. Lets talk about pink.

I'm 18, a freshy in college. Do you have Skype? Maybe you and I can do some matches later c:
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Apr 28th, 2012
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I'm always down for some games and fun times, I will add you ^.^

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